My Beautiful Woman…

I had chanced upon this video a couple of days ago. It is a beautiful little story that touched me.

Sometimes we take upon ourselves the responsibility to be good to someone and to make their life better. And sometimes, it is us who end up feeling better.

Leaning a shoulder to cry on is comforting to a person who is feeling low. But I have realized that it gives me a warmer feeling more than anything else. It is hard to discern if my role was to give or receive the warmth.

Jane’s words at the end of the video is an epitome of selflessness. She does not want to be appreciated for her good heart or put on a pedestal for her noble actions. She just wants to love and make a difference. She has.

The world is filled with good, caring, loving, amazing people, and this blog world has shown me just that.

I am posting this video here as a dedication to Sir and Ms.Darling, Carissa, Cate.B,  Elisabeth, Tarynloun, Zoe, Mer, Patricia, Evie, Kendall and many other lovely people I have met here.