Another one of those dreams

I had another weird dream last night –

I am someplace random and just stole something from some bank. I am walking out and I realize I need to go save her (don’t know who the her is) and in the next scene I am at this building with her as I see her being harassed by her co workers for doing something wrong (probably stealing too). She gets fired and she starts crying. She goes to the closet to get out of her uniform. I go find her and walk her out. She has a big belly. I ask her if she is hungry and she says she is famished. I take her to a nearby restaurant, all the while fearing that I was going to get busted for skipping work (lol, no idea how that thought came to my mind) and as I wait for the buffet line to clear, I notice my school friends, my college friends and my colleagues and boss all seated in the same restaurant – busted. She laughs. We go back to our seat to start eating. She keeps touching her tummy and tells me, she is not sure what is in it and why it has become so big. I frown and ask her if she is pregnant. She smiles and says yes.

Now, this unknown her transforms into HER.

Yes, she is pregnant and I had written about that in my earlier posts. I guess my mind is playing games with me yet again. I still love her so very much. My little princess…


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