So is giving hope to a person, while you are seriously considering a long term relationship with another, count as cheating too? I seriously hope not. But heck, how would I know.

On my previous post I was ranting off about comments and thoughts. I was laughing to myself after that – initially I used to think that she still stopped by and read what was going on in my mind. You know, as a mere source of amusement, nothing more and certainly nothing less. I however realized that it was out of a misplaced conceit that I even thought so. So was I writing for the sake of those ‘followers’ I had on my blog? Let me not kid myself yet again. 99% of people who “follow my blog” did so out of courtesy to reciprocate my action of following theirs, OR in the hopes of a reciprocation. No one really reads what I write. In a strange way, I am not disappointed by that. I am even thankful to it.

Don’t worry. It is all good.

12 thoughts on “Hope…cheating

  1. I felt compelled to answer your first question but decided against it…
    Your “update” was a bit depressing. I’m sorry you feel that way! Maybe she does still come around and check on you… You haven’t written in a while…

    • Thanks for that Smitten. Like I was telling my friend Violet, this was written with a lot of bitterness which wells up every once in a while within me.

      On your last thought; well yes I know the reality and have the usual problem – accepting it πŸ™‚

  2. I read what you write. Just don’t know why it doesn’t show up in my feed. And I don’t read out of some misguided return of ‘likes’ or ‘follows.’ Although I appreciate the likes. They make a nice reminder that you’re still active out there. I’m actually curious about what you have to say.

  3. I know the feeling of thinking no-one’s reading or seeing what I write or create but someone wise once told me that I can never have a full idea of how many people are truly touched. Just not everyone will hit the like button or type a whole message. I’ve just read what you wrote πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Elly, thanks for that. And no, I was not really looking for validation from multiple people. I was just feeling very irritated and upset at that time and was trying to vent my feelings. Most of my posts are just words I throw into the ocean in a bottle. I do not really expect anyone to pick it up, read it or respond. I just write that in the hope or relieving myself. But again, thank you much for your comment.

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