Nothing to say…

Just wanted to record that I had nothing to say. I am going through a myriad of emotions, but have hardly anything to say. I pretty much contradict myself at every sentence. Am I strong or pathetic, Am I cool or lame, Am I awesome or awful, I do not know any of that. But I do know I intend good things for people I love and care for them. Maybe that means I am good guy, or maybe I am saying this loud just because I am a lame pathetic loser, who had nothing else to prop himself up against, because every one of those great guys out there are the same and MORE. I have nothing else to offer. Nothing cool, nothing awesome.

I can act like that perennially happy and cool guy, I guess, in fact if you met me in real life, that is exactly what you would say – but then I am not him. I am me.

So much for having nothing to say….just another contradiction…

9 thoughts on “Nothing to say…

  1. The feeling’s mutual. People who meet me say I am the nicest person they have ever met. I of course have the mean face I can’t help it but being nice is sometimes a cover of what I actually am and I feel like shit half the time. Writing is the best tool to take out my emotions but like these days; I have nothing to say or write. Just don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂

  2. Damned ‘perspective’ – why are there always so many different ways of interpreting the same situation… Like – “Houston we have a problem” … becomes just an opportunity to find a solution… Stick with the ‘happy thoughts’ and chuck the negative ones back!

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