And another one says, sorry…

This time I was not even looking for a relationship, I was just wanting to be friends and this girl came from nowhere and said she liked what I wrote on my online profile and wanted to hang  out. We hung out a couple of times and I can say I was gentlemanly as well as attentive. Her reason for not choosing to hang out more was cause I was too tall (heck, yes. I am 6’0 and she is 5’3 – guess we are ‘miles’ apart, sigh!). Since she said that she had been texting me and asking me for opinion on who to date and stuff and I was still continuing to talk.

Today is my birthday (Thank you, You do not have to comment birthday wishes now, but I feel your thoughts, so I would like to thank you :)) and she wishes me and then asks me to go to another online dating site and also told me she found someone ‘better than her ex’ today. How sweet! Guess I was a wee bit jealous, or in some kind of a ‘losing situation sadness’

I wished her the best and told her I would pray for her well being (and I did in my morning prayers today).

Just wanted to write about it here. Not that I am hurt deeply, but I should say I feel a little sad. Maybe on another day, I would not have been too bothered. But then birthdays are just overrated.

“She” (my ‘she’) was an amazing friend. I will always miss her. I pray for her well being and ‘hers’ everyday. I am happy for that.

I can swear I saw “her” in my dreams last night, but I really cannot recollect anything now. Should have been good, am sure 🙂

All you wonderful people out there – take care and God bless you…






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