Love and Hurt

I heard this somewhere and I applied some of my thoughts to it. I thought it would be worthwhile to record it here for others to read and ponder upon.

When you are hurt by someone, you eventually end up feeling disappointed and sad. If you were to look back at this thought, you would realise that, you feel sad because your heart feels heavy. Look at it this way,

Who can hurt you, only a person who is close to you.

Who gets close to you, only a person you love.

Who do you love, only a person who makes you happy. 

In summary, it is the same person or thing that causes both happiness and sadness in your heart. Yet, you choose to dwell on the sadness rather than the happiness you obtained from the relationship.

Yes, given the fact that the most recent of situations has a deeper impact on your current state of mind. However, if you were to resign to an absolute time and space and look at all events in your life as equal, you will realise that there were equal portions of sadness and happiness.

I still miss her, yet I still cherish the wonderful times I had with her. It was the shortest period of time I have spent with anyone I have considered to be close to me. Yet, I value it as much as any other.

Clear Skies