Dawn Break…

The last one month has been quite interesting for me. I have made a few new friends, some of whose friendships I know I will cherish for a lifetime, have started working on a few initiatives that I had put away for a while now, have started running again and since yesterday restarted my efforts to learn Chinese, yet again. I have had varying thoughts throughout this period and as I go through the motions of everyday life, my faith in the goodness of this world is reinforced.

I have always believed that there is no right way or wrong way of doing anything, only a popular way. If you do not follow the popular way, you would be labelled as a a strange person and could eventually be denounced as an outcast. But I also believe that if you do not live your life by your own terms, you cease to live and would just ‘exist’. The reason why I write about this now, is because I have been thinking of doing a few things which may not be acceptable to a lot of people, where I come from. But surely not now; I will do it, in time.

There still isn’t a single day when I do not think about a certain someone and the ‘good’ times, but I have come to terms with reality and do not let it affect me (much). The thoughts will remain forever, so be it. But I will live my life and touch others lives as much as possible in some way.

February was the month of love. And, I love. 😉