She is happy…

She is completely enamored by him. She told me that she had proposed marriage to him on their last trip half jokingly (5 days before I met her in her Dad’s hometown) and again they talked about in the past couple of days. They are now discussing it probably still in part humor but more seriously. 8 weeks ago she said she may never marry as she felt she was not ready for it. Now this. I feel so happy for her and him. He is THE luckiest person on earth, in my eyes. I however frown that she seems to be completely enamored by him doing things so out of character, but probably that’s what love does, but I still am yet to hear from her that he said things like this first (she would probably tell me now somethings that he said, but when you are mad about someone you sometimes over read into things, I am an expert on that :)).

I hope he would love her half as much as I do. That should last them 7 life times by itself.

I will not talk about what is going on in my mind. I realized that it is all meaningless now, to her at least. A fool’s thought and best left as is.

I still hope she takes her time to decide on such serious things and not let emotion rule too soon. She is such a fragile child (she is to me) and I would hate to see her shattered. He is probably extremely good, but I pray sincerely that he loves her till his last breath.

I will love her on my last breath and every breath until then…

P.S. My dear friend, if you are reading this, do remember your promise. The small pleasures I have left in my life…please do not deprive me of them.


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