She is beautiful…

She said all the right things yesterday. She is the most beautiful thing on earth. I love her so very much. Wish there was a word that I could say to impress upon this. I could not think of any, so…

She is zhenamisic. A new word I created.

Zhenamisic: Being unparalleled. Usually used to describe a person of unmatched qualities. Origin: Derived from the name of the most beautiful, talented, lovable, intelligent woman to have ever been born.

I am completely twitterpated by her. But I will hold back my feelings for her. She is happy with him now and I am happy for her.

Long live true love.


I thought I should add acknowledgements to two people for contributing to this post (without them being aware that they did) –

1. She (my most precious treasure on earth) – she was the one, who suggested that I should probably create my own word if I have the need to express something

2. Ms.Darling from the ‘The Sir Letters’ for the word ‘Twitterpated’ – the couple share a romance that is better than all the epics in the world. I wish them both a long life, possibly together.


10 thoughts on “She is beautiful…

  1. Hey BP

    Sounds like you are back on track after your dalliance with drunk blogging (smiles). It is a lonely road you are on. While many walk a similar path it is nice to able to come here and share our pain.


  2. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your kind words as always. Yes you are right, this is indeed a lonely road, but At least for now, this is better than travelling somewhere I do not like. You are definitely more wiser than I and know this already.

    P.S. My sincere apologies for the drunken post. I promise to edit it soon.

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