The meeting…

I am going to her Dad’s hometown to meet her on Wednesday. I am feeling really nervous right now. I am afraid she is going to say and do/not do things that could hurt me. But I promised her I will meet her and she said she wanted to see me too. Hence I am going.

I hope I have a chance to tell her this. “I wanted to tell you that I miss being your close friend. All the email exchanges where you told me a lot of things, random emails with pictures about your life, daily happenings etc. I miss that. I want to tell you that I want to get back to that space. Do not worry about what goes on in my mind. I promise you that I will never again say anything related to my thoughts of love for you. I will bury my thoughts in my own brain unless I clearly know that you really wish to hear about it. It may never happen and I will not worry about it. I wish to have your trust always and wish to be with you as a friend forever”

I hope she understands and reciprocates.

Wish me luck.

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