The touch…

When you touch a girl, what do you feel?

It could be a simple handshake, no real emotion behind it. And as you shake her hands, you may want the process to end soon as you are not really comfortable. It could also be that you feel her hand and like the touch and wish it extend for a few more seconds at least.

It could be a hug, where you and the girl have 3 layers of clothes and all you feel is a big bulk. Or you beyond the layers of her clothes, as you hug her, and your face is close to her you smell her hair and wish time stops as you gently nuzzle your face against her hair.

As you walk with her along the road or beach, you could hold her hands and feel the warmth rushing through your veins and reaching your head, intoxicating you for a while.

You could sit next to her and as you talk to her, you could have this overwhelming feeling to kiss her, but you know you are not supposed to, so you do the next best thing. Hold her face in the palm of your hands. You feel an electric pulse rushing through your entire body and you are instantly high.

You could lie next to her and hug her as she sleeps. You touch her body and you long to be one with her. But you cannot. You still hug her tightly and do feel one with her. You wish you could somehow mentally record the feeling to play it over and over again in your mind.

I have always felt that it is not possible to mentally recreate a touch, I believe it now.

Love you till my last breath, honey…


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