The Raindrop…


There is a raindrop on my hand

It looks so beautiful and complete

As I sit wondering its origin, I realize that it is sliding down the side of my hand

I turn my hand and see it land between my fingers

I look at the beautiful raindrop and wonder how perfect it seems

I can see my reflection on the drop and I wonder if I am really that good looking

The drop feels warm

I wonder why

As I thought rain drops were cold

And as I wonder I realize that there is another drop that falls on my hand

And then another

Soon my hands are full of beautiful raindrops

Now I see my reflections on so many little specks of water on my hand

And as I look closer at myself through the drops, I realize their origin

I thought these raindrops came from the melted ice off of the highest mountains on earth

Little did I realize that they came from my own eyes…

One thought on “The Raindrop…

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