The Run…

I went running today around a reservoir in my neighborhood. It was around 11.30 PM in the night when I got there and the reservoir has a circumference of around 5 KM (it is huge). As I started the run, I noticed a few people standing at different points around the reservoir, couples holding each other, single people smoking, groups of men drinking beer etc. Usual sights.

As I passed through a relatively secluded spot, I noticed this couple making out from quite a distance. Now, I turned away and tried not to look, but my next glance saw the guy putting his hand from under her shirt and reaching up. I coughed loudly to make my presence felt (I had slowed down as I was tired and I couldn’t run fast to pass the spot, otherwise I would have). They looked up and a really weird thing happened. The girl started crying and pushing the guy away.

A couple who were intimate a moment ago weren’t anymore. I saw the girl crying and pushing the guy away as I passed them and I ran a few meters ahead. I could not hear what they were speaking but I knew things were not alright.

Now, I am generally a person who minds his own business, especially when it comes to couples\relationships. But I don’t know what got into me, I turned back and walked to where the couple where. They were still in a mild argument with the guy trying to explain something to her. I got there and this is what we spoke…

Me: Hello guys, sorry to bother you, can I talk to you for a second?

Guy: Hey Bro, go away, we are..

Me: (I cut him off) Sorry mate, please give me a minute to speak

Everyone was silent.

Me: (I looked at the girl and said) Hey I hope you are ok. I am sorry that I happened to pass by now at a bad time and I may have been the reason why this became an awkward situation and I wanted to apologize for that.

Girl: Can you please go, this is none of your business

Guy: (Joined in and walked towards me with some expletives)

Now this was even more awkward for me, but for some reason, I wanted to continue.

Me: Ok Ok, calm down. Just listen to me for a second. I just want to say that he did what he did because he got intense and it has happened to me before and I want to tell you that as long as you believe he truly loves you, you should not let such a small thing hurt you. Especially if you do like him as well. (the guy knew that I was supporting him and was silent, he turned to look back at the girl, but of course he cannot let a stranger advise his girl, so he again said ‘please go man’)

I continued…

Me: I will walk away in another 30 seconds and you may never see me again. But just remember this, both of you.. If you love each other enough, you need to know what the other person wants and understand how much you can give without hurting yourself. Talk about this and you should be fine. I want you guys to be happy. I am no love saint. But I wish you two good luck. Take care guys.

I then turned and left without looking back. I still do not understand why I said what I said and how I believed I could talk to a random couple in their intimate moment. But for some reason I felt so responsible for what happened. Maybe if I had not passed through there, the guy may have had his way for a bit and then the girl may have stopped him. Instead of the embarrassment of having a stranger look at what was happening.

Public display of affection is quite common in this city with some of the kids really going overboard. But for some reason I liked this couple. They both were very good looking and I could see love in their eyes (at least I like to think that).

In any case, I finished my first round and got on my second slow jog round and as I crossed my start mark I noticed the couple walking towards the exit. They were holding hands and they noticed me and both of them smiled, though the girl smiled and looked away almost immediately. As I was about to pass them the guy raised his hand as if to say ‘hi’ and as I went past him, said “Thanks”. Now this was completely unexpected.

But it made my day. I wish they are together for a long time.

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