As I mentioned earlier, I am working on improving myself for the better. My world is still centered around a certain person and I do not think it is imperative that I move it (the centre, that is). In any case, as a part of this behavioral change I am reading certain books on Psychology and Philosophy and here is an excerpt from one of them, with some inputs from myself.

Practicing acts of kindness towards yourself and others is a behavioral antidote to anxiety and stress. It’s a simple thing you can do to bring more peace and joy to your life. Kindness begets kindness and the power of kindness cannot always get what they want or be who they wish to be. When we struggle with or deny this reality our suffering increases in the form of stress and self-hate. When this reality is accepted with compassion and kindness stress and anxiety are decreased. Compassion and kindness are actions, not feelings.

The exercise below will give you some ideas about how to practise loving-kindness.


Be mindful of any chance you get throughout your day to act in kind and compassionate ways towards yourself and others. These acts of kindness could take many forms.

Below are some examples.

  • Say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’ more often
  • Ask a shop assistant how they are doing and really pay attention to the answer
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Ring a friend to tell them you are thinking of them
  • Send a relative a card to show your appreciation of them
  • Give a hug or kiss to a loved one
  • Give out five genuine compliments each day
  • Show understanding, compassion and forgiveness when you feel hurt and the urge to strike back
  • When you are thinking positive things about someone, let them know
  • Do something kind for yourself each day

Engaging in these random acts of kindness can often lead to feeling more connected with others and more positive within yourself. It is important to take the time to look for moments when you can share, show care, offer gratitude or extend warmth. Similarly, look for opportunities to offer hope, love or a helping hand. Do this when you would rather shut down, cut off or explode. These are the moments when the benefits of practicing loving-kindness through your actions are most needed and they will benefit you and others the most.

Some of the unexpected outcomes of acting with kindness can be an increased sense of peace, love and trust. You may find that people are drawn to you when you act with kindness. This way of being can only enrich your relationships.

Courtesy – Release Your Worries – Dr. Cate Howell and Dr. Michele Murphy

A lot of things said in this excerpt makes sense to me. In fact I used to practice these suggestions a long time ago as I had read something similar from a different source. It always feels great to compliment someone and look at their eyes light up as you speak to them.

I think I still have enough love and kindness to share. You should too.

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