There is a pleasant breeze…

There is a pleasant breeze here that reminds me, life is beautiful. Even if it hard on you, even if it feels cold, it is only because you experienced what warmth is…if not anything else, you should be thankful for that memory. After all life is all but a string of experiences and the memories around it.
– by a love struck me

I miss her very much. Everytime she tells me, its ok you will get over it I wish I could slap her. She takes life easy and knows how to make herself happy. But for me the whole world is her. Without her love everything else seems meaningless. I wrote the above at 4 AM in the morning on Nov 2013 and sent it to her. She didn’t flinch a bit. Not even an appreciation until I asked. But I guess, I am not that important. I wish there was a bit more fairness in this world. Why should one love so much and still know that he shan’t be loved back? Why can I not talk sense into myself? Why this denial?

But I know that she did like the quote, she sometimes holds back thinking that she is doing the ‘right’ thing by making me not feel too special, thereby ensuring that I don’t trigger wild thoughts of being together with her. I also know that she is a much deeper person than what she portrays to be. She has to do certain things to ensure that she is up with the crowd, though she would always deny it. And a handsome European boyfriend who can do multiple activities is definitely way better than an not so great looking South Asian guy. I would think so too.

Things like this were going through my mind. Yet I wrote the above quote to tell her, I am taking it easy.

Nobody can ever love her, more than I. But how do you quantify love. After all, that feeling is the most intangible element in the world that weighs more than the heaviest of metals on earth.

Funny isn’t it.


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