Another one of those dreams

I had another weird dream last night –

I am someplace random and just stole something from some bank. I am walking out and I realize I need to go save her (don’t know who the her is) and in the next scene I am at this building with her as I see her being harassed by her co workers for doing something wrong (probably stealing too). She gets fired and she starts crying. She goes to the closet to get out of her uniform. I go find her and walk her out. She has a big belly. I ask her if she is hungry and she says she is famished. I take her to a nearby restaurant, all the while fearing that I was going to get busted for skipping work (lol, no idea how that thought came to my mind) and as I wait for the buffet line to clear, I notice my school friends, my college friends and my colleagues and boss all seated in the same restaurant – busted. She laughs. We go back to our seat to start eating. She keeps touching her tummy and tells me, she is not sure what is in it and why it has become so big. I frown and ask her if she is pregnant. She smiles and says yes.

Now, this unknown her transforms into HER.

Yes, she is pregnant and I had written about that in my earlier posts. I guess my mind is playing games with me yet again. I still love her so very much. My little princess…



I wish to embrace you
Under the moonlight
Where the world disappears
And heaven appears
Just you and me
One more time
One last time…

Happy Valentines Day

To my love,

Happy Valentines Day to you. Hope you are having a day filled with happiness with all the loved ones around (and this time, I should include the little one inside) you. I am right now giving you a tight hug and gentle kiss, in my heart 🙂 Love you forever.



I sat wondering why I could not lift myself
As the sun shone over my shoulders
I realized that without you
Even my shadow had become too heavy
For me to move.


So is giving hope to a person, while you are seriously considering a long term relationship with another, count as cheating too? I seriously hope not. But heck, how would I know.

On my previous post I was ranting off about comments and thoughts. I was laughing to myself after that – initially I used to think that she still stopped by and read what was going on in my mind. You know, as a mere source of amusement, nothing more and certainly nothing less. I however realized that it was out of a misplaced conceit that I even thought so. So was I writing for the sake of those ‘followers’ I had on my blog? Let me not kid myself yet again. 99% of people who “follow my blog” did so out of courtesy to reciprocate my action of following theirs, OR in the hopes of a reciprocation. No one really reads what I write. In a strange way, I am not disappointed by that. I am even thankful to it.

Don’t worry. It is all good.

Converse Theory

Sometimes we meet someone who really makes us feel right about ourselves. Maybe that is what is referred to as ‘true’ love. Maybe it was our perpetual search for this ever elusive ‘true love’. Maybe it was just our own conceit that made us feel that way, in which case, kudos to them to have triggered that. So when this person does not understand why we get so worked up with them, why we love them so much and why want to be with them always, we end up heart broken.

Yet, when we are on the other end of the equation, we just cannot comprehend how ludicrous the thoughts of this person who seems to be consummately enamored by us. We might find it overwhelming and even suffocating. Why do we not attempt to understand them or feel for them? What is this? Law of average or karma or just an all prevailing stupidity that some people call, “letting go and waiting for the right one?”

This was just a rhetorical question to myself. In case, you feel compelled to answer this or explain this to me, please do not. As you would understand, these are things that can never be explained by one person to another. Feel free to leave any other comments (e.g. I am the closest thing you have found to the orifice that lies between the posterior part of a human’s legs), I would be glad to read them.